Lindsey & Stevie - New York Daily News (08.12.1997)

Warner Bros., whose profits have been slackening of late, greatly encouraged the return. Then it was down to the individuals to feel each other out. "I could see that Mick was a different person from 10 years ago," Buckingham says. "Stevie was a totally different person than she was 10 years ago. She was much like the person I used to live with."

Nicks, likewise, says, "Lindsey deals with me on a much kinder level. And I'm more willing to be open with him. It's nice to think I might go to my grave being Lindsey's friend and not a thorn in his side for all eternity."

As a lure for more vibrant fans, the live show and album will stress the band's harder-rocking style and darker lyrics. If anything, the highly personal nature of those lyrics has found more shading and depth over time.

"We're more mature now," Nicks says. Or, in the words of Buckingham, "Listening now, somehow the songs ring a little more true."