Lindsey & Stevie - Birmingham After Dark (February 1975)

Major changes are underway for Lindsey Buckingham and Stephanie Nicks after their highly successful concert last Friday at the Birmingham Municipal Auditorium (one of two sellouts at the Auditorium during the last year). Back in L.A., the two will begin work, not as the Buckingham Nicks, but as members of Fleetwood Mac, later this month.

Both Lindsey and Stevie voiced strong misgivings over disbanding as a duo. "It wasn't an easy decision for us, but we decided to do one album before we came out here (to Birmingham)," said Buckingham.

Buckingham and Nicks were recording material for this second album when Fleetwood Mac happened into the same studio. "They were just looking for a place to record, but alter hearing our music they asked us to join and we just couldn't turn them down," explained Stevie.

The musical concept of the "new" band will be similar to the. Buckingham Nicks with Lindsey as rhythm guitarist and Stevie as lead vocalist. Stevie continued. "It's not exactly like we'll be a back up singer and a backup guitarist since nobody but Christine sings and she doesn't sing that much. They're hoping that I'll be able to bring Christine out more because she's very shy and very overshadowed." (Christine McVie is the lead singer for Fleetwood Mac.) Stevie goes on to say, "She doesn't write a lot, but she writes a few really good songs."

"The Buckingham Nicks thing - me and Lindsey - have been together 8 years with the people we're playing with, Tom (bass player) and Hoppy (drummer). As soon as Buckingham Nicks go back together, they'll come too.

There's no better bass or drummer than Tom and Hoppy. They know it and we know it. It's a hard thing to do. They'll gig around and do a lot of sessions, they don't want us to leave but they know we'd be idiots to pass it up."

The major reason behind the breakup is the lack of recognition. Buckingham Nicks all feel they have been overlooked by their recording label, Polydor. "Hopefully we can get our name known, instead of being buried within the name Fleetwood Mac. People will hear the difference in the music and take notice," hopes Lindsey. "It would take us years to build up the reputation they have. And Warner Brothers is really into Fleetwood Mac. They're not a monster or a giant act, but they consistently sell more albums than they did the last time. They're going to put us on a fine, major tour where we'll be playing to everyone," says Stevie. "And they are super-nice people, so we figure it will be a tremendous learning experience. They can help us and we can help them, so it will be give and take thing."

The rest of the Buckingham Nicks band, Tom Moncrieff, Hoppy Hodges and Waddy Wachtel plan to do session work during the meantime, but all feel strongly about the band's breakup. Says bassist Tom Moncrieff, "We realize the benefits from it completely. And we'll wish them good luck. But it's more like a family, we're really tight personally."

"'I mean, besides the money and the fact that I am in the band, was, still am in the band, I consider myself one of their biggest fans. I've heard everything they've ever done and I know what's there and what can be there. And I don't see any reason why they can't be hot everywhere." Tom goes on to say, "The music is so good, the whole scene is so incredible that it will be hard to fill that up. There are other people we can play with and enjoy, but it's not the same. So they'll go out there and do their best and when it's over we'll be here."

A tour this summer will bring Buckingham Nicks back to Birmingham "for sure" says Stevie. Only this time it'll be with Fleetwood Mac. But rest assured, there will be enough of Stevie and Lindsey around to keep the same, distinctive Buckingham Nicks sound that Birmingham has grown to appreciate so well.