Lindsey & Christine - Circus (03.31.1977)

"There was never a conscious delay," insists Lindsey, "in the releasing. We just assumed it was going to be easy like the last one. The Rumours album," Lindsey sighs; his face is transparent of the past-historyness of it all. "It was funny, the way we started the whole thing. We went into the studio after seven months of touring. We were tired. John and Chris had just broken up on the road; Stevie and I were on the verge of breaking up. We started cutting tracks, but everyone was going through so many weird personal trips on the side. For those two months in Sausalito (last July-August), the communication was very bad. It’s not that anyone was fighting," Lindsey clenches his fists, "it’s just that no one was quite together enough to get a really healthy start."