Review - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (05.12.2003)

Was that a Fleetwood Mac concert or a Meg Ryan movie?

Sure, they have their own lives and families now, and it's been a long time since they were a pair, but you couldn't help wondering watching the band on stage if Lindsey Buckingham was going to get the girl in the end.

Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, who were a hot item during the '70s, spent Saturday night at the Mellon Arena looking across the stage at each other exchanging heartbreaking lines that they obviously wrote about their own tangled affair.

Through 25 songs and two and a half hours, the band members said little to the crowd, which made it all the more startling when Buckingham stopped to confide, "It's not easy for couples who had broken up to work together. ... It was only after I left in the mid-'80s that I could get closure," and with that he introduced "Say Goodbye," a new song during which he looked over at her and sang, "Oh, I let you slip away, there was nothing I could do/That was so long ago still I often think of you."

All these years later, Fleetwood and McVie must still be counting their blessings that they stumbled upon Buckingham and Nicks, who, in middle age, haven't lost their ability to mesmerize and fascinate. They came on and off the stage holding hands. At one point, they embraced and kissed. And throughout, the ghost of their past hovered on almost every line.