Fleetwood Mac - MTV News (08.08.1997)

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM, Fleetwood Mac: There were a lot of hurtful things that happened from everyone. And it was always about trying not to feel those things. Over a period of time, you push it back and push it back and it has to come out at some point.

NICKS: Everything is on a new kind of a beginning, where we have said our I'm sorry's and everything is good now.

MTV: Band members swear this reunion happened for the music, not for the money. The reunion was spurred on by a Buckingham-Nicks collaboration on the "Twister" soundtrack, and by Mick Fleetwood's drumming on Buckingham's solo record. Clearly, this was a far happier event than their get together for the 1992 Clinton Inaugural.

NICKS: We did that because the President of the United States asked us to do that. That's probably the only man in the whole world that could've gotten us to do that. I did call Lindsey and say we have to do this, in the scheme of our lives. This is important.