Fleetwood Mac - Detroit Free Press (06.28.1987)

Indeed, radio -- and Fleetwood Mac fans -- have embraced the album and its first two singles, Buckingham's "Big Love" and Nicks' "Seven Wonders." There's also evidence that a tour would go over well, but that, like the rest of the band's future, is another issue.

It's 4-1 on that matter, with Buckingham casting the dissenting vote. He's simply not interested and, as Nicks explained, "You don't want to drag someone who doesn't want to go."

And though Buckingham makes overtones that "Tango in the Night" is indeed the last gasp for Fleetwood Mac, Nicks and the other band members say they're not through yet.

"Every time he says that, the rest of us look at each other and go, 'We've heard this before,' " said Nicks, who's been performing with Fleetwood's side group, the Zoo. "It's kind of like a romance, when someone is always saying, 'I'm going to leave you' and never does.

"We don't feel like this is the last album. The same problems that arise in Fleetwood Mac today are the same ones that rose 10 years ago. It's hard for us to have a big album out and not be touring . . . but nobody feels any animosity towards (Buckingham). Everyone just wishes he wanted to and hopes he might change his mind. Past that, there's not a thing anyone can do."