Fleetwood Mac - Creem (September 1987)

Although not quite missing from Tango In the Night, Stevie Nicks isn’t exactly all over the thing. To be precise, she contributed two songs of her own ("Welcome to the Room…Sara" and "When I See You Again") and a third song by her friend and collaborator, Sandy Stewart ("Seven Wonders").

"In the beginning part (of making Tango) she was touring," Lindsey explains. "She was having her own problems. Without being judgmental about her reasons, she made herself very hard to get ahold of. When her own tour was done she went off to Australia for some reason - felt she had to do that. So it was hard to pin her down.

"Once she settled down" - a small laugh here - "she was fine. She came in towards the end-it really was towards the end of the project that she made herself available, constructively. And so we had to work with a limited amount from her."

Christine McVie, who contributed quite a bit to the album ("My favorite group of her songs on any album," says Lindsey), offers this: "The studio junkies, if you like, are pretty much me and Lindsey and Mick. John spends a lesser amount of time in the studio; he doesn’t like to hang around doing nothing. Neither does Stevie, because she doesn’t actually play any instruments in the band - that drives her crazy when there’s nothing for her to actually do."

"I was there at the very beginning," she says, "but you plan an album on a cycle kind of thing. What happened is everything took a little longer, so I ended up being on the second single from my album and getting ready to go on the road when Fleetwood Mac really got started on it.

"Lindsey was doing another solo album, too. If he hadn’t been Lindsey - if he’d have been me - then he could’ve gone ahead and done his at the same time Fleetwood Mac was doing theirs. But Lindsey, having to be the boss - and pretty much the head of this particular tribe at this particular moment - he couldn’t do both. I could, because there wasn’t all that much for me to do, in the technical sense, at the beginning of the record. I didn’t feel weird about it because I didn’t have any choice."

Stevie: "How do you like my slow song with Lindsey singing at the end (‘When I See You Again’)? That’s one of my favorite things…I made him sing with me; I said, ‘Lindsey, you’re gonna sing on all my songs whether you like it or not-you have to sing this with me.’ So we went out and sang ‘If I see you again, will it be over?’ - we sang it in unison, then I snuck in and took my voice off. Otherwise, I’d have never gotten him to do it - see, Lindsey’s pretty shy and he’s singing differently there than he is on anything else on the record. He wouldn’t think to do that: to sing on my song at the end. He would think to sing with me, but he wouldn’t want to end it. But that’s what I wanted, to leave people feeling they are really talking to each other."

Let’s hear from Stevie: "I love to go on tour, whether it’s Fleetwood Mac or me or anything. Tom Petty, Heart, anybody’d who’ll ask me to go, I’m duffle bag packed and on the bus the next day. But it’s up to Lindsey."

Lindsey says he’d also like to work with Laurie Anderson, and mentions that Stevie was recently asking him on the phone if he’d like to do another Buckingham/Nicks album.

His voice becomes more pensive than usual, which is getting pretty pensive. "You just don’t usually have to do that sort of thing-to break up with someone and then see them for the next 12 years. That’s just not normal…it’s not even very well. It’s sort of an ill thing to have to do, but what the hell.

"I’ve gotta tell you, the last 12 years, I think I’ve probably blocked out some of the more painful aspects. It seems like a big, long dream from which I’m just now awakening. I feel younger now that I have in years. I feel more new than I have in years. It’s a surreal thing, on that mega level.”