Review - Democrat and Chronicle (05.15.2003)

In its biggest hour, Fleetwood Mac was a bit shocking because it was the band
that slept together and did drugs together. Thursday night, the four looked like they'd come together for a college reunion after 20 years. They easily fall into the old roles, but the wild days are behind them, with Buckingham and Nicks exchanging frequent wistful looks over what had come and was now long gone.

Maybe there's still a little something there. Nicks' ghostly intro to the show-opening "The Chain" was jarred by Buckingham literally howling, "If you don't want me now!" The guy may still have some issues over that breakup. As the show went on, it became increasingly clear that this evening was a double date for 13,000 people and Nicks and Buckingham. When they hugged each other at the end of "Landslide," it was like watching the happy ending to a movie.

Hooray, they're back together! Someone in the front row even handed Nicks some roses then. What timing!