Stevie - Women’s Wear Daily (03.31.2009)

WWD: Your publicist barely allowed me to interview you at 2pm. What time do you ordinarily get up?
Stevie Nicks: : I get up when I have to get up. But Lindsey Buckingham insisted that we start rehearsals for the tour between 1 and 2. That meant my vocal lesson had to be at 11, and I got up everyday at 8 so I could have my two hours by the ocean with my coffee. Before that I could sleep until one or two.

WWD: At the show at Madison Square Garden, you and Lindsey were very affectionate with one another. Have you guys finally made peace or does it change on a daily basis? 
S.N.: Well, that was a good show. We love New York. But Lindsey is married. He has three darling children, one little boy and two girls. He lives in girlie world with the wife and the four year old girl and the eight year old girl. So he’s softened. When he gets mad at me, he treats me like with the love and respect that he would show for a girl-child instead of just getting mad at me like an old, miserable ex-girlfriend. It’s different. And I’m thrilled.

WWD: Isn’t that damning with faint praise? Wouldn’t it be better if he were mad at you like an equal rather than his preteen daughter? 
S.N.: Well, It’s a softer way. And I prefer it. He treats me as an equal. He just sometimes doesn’t agree with me. And sometimes I don’t agree with him. We don’t agree on a lot of things. Putting this set together, we didn’t agree on a lot of things. But we came to be one voice. By the end. After two months of rehearsal.

WWD: What’s it like not having Christine McVie on tour? 
S.N.: The loss of Christine has been gigantic. Before she left there was Lindsey the gnarly gnome, Stevie the miserable, philosophical fairy and Christine the pop star. She was happy. She was able to rein everybody in. She’s five years older than me and six years older than Lindsey. She had a lot of power in this band. She was older, she was smarter, and she had been through more. So we miss her terribly and if there was any way to get her back we would. But she’s finished. She has no interest.