Stevie - Toronto Sun (04.02.2009)

"When I'm in my own band, I'm really talkative, I really try to tell stories, I really try to relate to the audience and I become more who I really am," said Nicks.

"When I'm in Fleetwood Mac I become that more mysterious, quieter creature.

"And that's always been since the very beginning. People have said to me, 'Well, you know you could get out there a little bit more since Lindsey (Fleetwood Mac guitarist Buckingham) is running around the stage like a crazy whirling dervish.' And I'm going, 'But I don't do that.' What am I supposed to do? Do a tap dance? Or cartwheels? Or jump down in the splits? What should I do to keep up with Lindsey? So I don't try."