Stevie - The Republican (04.05.2009)

Q. On the DVD, you talk about how you went back to being a waitress after Polydor dropped you and Lindsey Buckingham after your "Buckingham Nicks" album in 1973. What was your experience like as a waitress and what did it teach you?

A. I loved being a waitress ... I did lunches, I was only gone from 11 to 4, I made good money I came home with good money it was enough to pay our rent and it was enough to pay our food and it was enough to pay for our Toyota that had no reverse. It was enough for us to call Triple A to get us out of the parking places we couldn't get out of because we had no reverse. We could never go backward, that's how we looked at it. We always had to go forward, we're always progressing. It was very funny and I didn't mind. Because it left Lindsey completely free to do what he did best which was record those tracks. I got home at 4 and I'd make dinner and we would go downstairs and record until two or three in the morning, and then get back up the next day. I worked four days a week, it was not hard. It was an easy thing. It was fun and I made really great money and I had no problem being the breadwinner because really, what was Lindsey Buckingham going to do? Be a waiter? I don't think so. He tried telemarketing for one day and the first person who hung up on him that was it, he quit. We came through it with a great laugh.