Stevie - Star Tribune (08.23.2011)

Nicks is better known for her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, her musical and romantic partner in the duo Buckingham Nicks since their college days at San Jose State. They joined Fleetwood Mac in late 1974 but split up romantically a couple years later. Of course, they've continued to work together on-and-off in that Rock Hall of Fame band. He joined her for one tune on the new album, "Soldier's Angel."

"It was as close to the Buckingham Nicks years as we have been since Buckingham Nicks," Nicks said. "For Lindsey and I, that opened up the possibility of a new chapter. We certainly can still do it. And we did it well and it wasn't a lot of work. Lindsey and I are very happy with each other right now."

Would they do a duo tour?

"It's an absolute possibility. A lot of wounds were healed with 'Soldier's Angel.' It's about the war and these injured kids. It was a very kind of spiritual and holy thing."

What's the status of Fleetwood Mac?

"Lindsey has made a really beautiful record ['Seeds We Sow,' due Sept. 6] and he's going to go work that record. By the time we're both done working these records and you put a little time between it, Fleetwood Mac will probably start dancing around the fire at the end of next year."