Lindsey Buckingham - New York Post (05.30.2003)

We left at 4:30 p.m. for the 8:15 concert. Sound check is early because, whatever the voodoo that she do, Stevie, who brings her two Yorkies, "needs three hours to get ready." Why? "She gets a massage." But if you have to get "up" for a performance, isn't massage relaxing, not stimulating? Lindsey, who "personally could arrive 15 minutes before and walk right onstage," doesn't know. He only knows she needs three hours to get ready.

At rehearsal Mick Fleetwood sported a neon turquoise jacket. Stevie, with rollers in her hair, said: "Today's my birthday. I'm 55. Not my favorite, because it means I'm getting close to 60."