Stevie - WZLX Radio Boston (04.13.1998)

Stevie: No, actually, um, before Fleetwood Mac I was getting ready to go in and do my first record for Warner Reprise and even at the very beginning of the year, it was certainly not solidified that Fleetwood Mac was going to get back together so I did start, I did go in for a week and cut a few songs and stuff and then I went home and called Lindsey up and said , you know, are we going to do this or not? Cause if we're not, then I'm going to really start my record and if we are, I'm going to stop it right here. It's ridiculous for me to do this, you know, I'm just killing myself for nothing. So, he said no, we're gonna do it. So, I stopped that record. And then we did the Fleetwood Mac thing. We did the tour, we came home, we did a bunch of TV and we just really did our last Fleetwood Mac thing a couple of weeks ago.