Stevie - Wall of Sound (May 2001)

Did touring with Fleetwood Mac again impact on the songs — both what you wrote and how you wrote it?

Definitely. The Fleetwood Mac tour ended up being a great thing for me as a writer; when I was on the tour, I wrote about four or five of the songs — not the music but the poetry. So when I got home from that tour and went to really start writing for this record, I was able to go back through my journals and pick up some really wonderful songs.

So it would be correct, then, to read your relationships with the other group members into some of these songs.

Absolutely. As a writer, I'm able to use all that information, which is great. "Fall From Grace" is really about Fleetwood Mac onstage — that's always mostly going to be about me and Lindsey, just about our energy and what a trip it is to be in Fleetwood Mac and walk up there onstage. It's just — it's grand, you know? It's a very grand thing. It's nothing like your solo career. Don Henley and I laugh at each other sometimes; there is our solo career, and there is The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, which seem to take precedence over everything else that we do.