Stevie - (04.23.2001)

Nicks wrote most of the album's songs between 1995 and 2000 but used three she had leftover from the '70s, including the ballad "Candlebright," featuring Crow.

"It was one of the demos Lindsey and I moved to L.A. with, and so I have an incredible demo of just me and Lindsey," she said. "And it's exactly like what's on the record except that it's me and Sheryl. Singing with Sheryl is very much like singing with Lindsey: She's a real great duet singer, and so we had a great jumping-off point from the beginning."

Trouble in Shangri-La is Nicks' first album since 1994's Street Angel. She's currently lining up dates for a summer headlining tour, with an itinerary to be announced shortly.

After she finishes promoting her album, Nicks is planning to return to the studio with Fleetwood Mac. The singer said she recently presented Buckingham and drummer Mick Fleetwood with 17 songs for possible inclusion on a new Mac album, which they hope to release by summer 2002.

"The chemistry will always be there," she said. "I think when we're all in rocking chairs it will be there, which is really nice to know. It's nice to know that something lasts."