Stevie - VH1 News (07.25.2001)

While Stevie Nicks continues to search for Shangri-La on tour, Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood are shacked up in a rented house in Bel Air, California, working on songs for the next Fleetwood Mac album.

And though Nicks has stranded her bandmates without a female lead singer for the time being, she hasn't left them empty-handed. Before hitting the road, she gave them 17 demos she had recorded over the years.

"We're actually going to make a record, we're not just gonna tour," Nicks told VH1. "It'll happen next year."

"It's great," she continued, "because Lindsey and I originally moved to Los Angeles to sing together, and once we joined Fleetwood Mac that stopped because the second we became a trio, we could no longer be a duo. This will allow Lindsey and I to actually go back to what we started out doing."