Stevie - The Paper (Summer 1994)

Fleetwood Mac's divorce was a messy one a long, drawn-out affair that lasted well into the late 80's, when Tango in the Night was released. After so many crazy years together, the wounds still smart. Or do they? "It's not a touchy subject at all," states Nicks. "When you're part of a band for that long you really can't make it go away, it just sort of is. Bill Clinton was probably the only person in the whole world who could have got the five of us on a plane and onto a stage together. In 1990, we'd toured without Lindsey and then we did another record. I stayed because I didn't know how not to, but I handed in my final notice after the inauguration. It healed a lot of wounds, but still not enough."

So the chances of Fleetwood giving in to peer pressure and getting back in that entity are slim to say the least? "I can't say that I would be the one to refuse a reunion, but I'm pretty sure Lindsey would never want to be with the four of us again. He has no wish to come back, and I can't see him changing. I know him pretty well and he is not interested."