Stevie - Rosie O’Donnell Show (05.03.2001)

Rosie: Well, the Silver Springs... You and Lindsey... Silver Springs... and you lookin' over at him... and then at the end... and then me with the crying and the whole. Ah, c'mon! It was like, killer! (applause)

Stevie: It was that way too. It was, you know, it was, that was like a magical night that night that we filmed that show.

Rosie: Yeah.

Stevie: That was a magical night. We filmed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And we didn't get it until Friday. And it was like we only have one more night. So we have to get it tonight. So we all went on stage with a a mission to really be great. And we walked up there, there was, like, no more excuse now