Stevie - Rolling Stone (09.22.1994)

Stevie Nicks: I am funny. [Laughs] I crack up my band constantly. I could have been a comedian if I'd really wanted to. In Fleetwood Mac, I was pretty much told to be quiet at all times. I was so intimidated because I didn't feel like anybody really wanted me to be in that band and that they only wanted Lindsey [Buckingham] and me along for the ride.

RS: When's the last time you and Lindsey Buckingham spoke?

Stevie: [Resignedly] I haven't talked to him since the inauguration We're really not friends. We're really not anything. We did not break up friends, and we have never been friends since. He is not really able to have any kind of relationship with me. I just bug him to death. Everything I do is abrasive to him. He's scary when he gets mad.