Stevie - Rock Across America (August 2001)

Kristen Davis: So your next single that you're gonna release from the new album is Sorcerer...

Stevie: This is one of the songs from 1974. So Sorcerer was in the group of songs that became the first Fleetwood Mac record. And uh, it was written about scary Hollywood, because when Lindsey and I moved to Hollywood in 1971 we were in our early 20's and Hollywood was very scary. Sorcerer was really written about just that sort of foreboding side of Hollywood when people come there... every generation, you know, there's a whole new bunch of people that come to Hollywood to be an actress, an actor, a rock star, whatever. So that was kind of my, my whole sort of premise on that.

KD: So Fleetwood Mac a couple years back you guys did the tour, the album, I love the album, I have it... are you gonna do it again? It was so successful...

Stevie: Yes we are.

KD: Oh you are!

Stevie: Lindsey, and Mick and John, we've rented a house in Bel Air and they are working as we speak, I left them with 17 demos

KD: Oh my God! I didn't know this, this is great! I thought you were gonna say no, I'm so excited!

Stevie: Yea, it's happening.

KD: That's exciting! And you'll go out? You'll record and you'll... that's great!

Stevie: We are actually gonna make a record.

KD: This is kind of personal and you can tell me if you don't want to answer it, but you know how they did that live concert when you guys were touring? I watched this one a couple times and every time you and Lindsey would interact, they would cheer, like they were so invested. How do you feel about that? How do you deal with that?

Stevie: Well they, you know they love seeing interaction between Lindsey and I. And there will always be interaction between Lindsey and I because we will always be passionate towards each other when we are onstage. He's married and has 2 babies now so it's like we are not gonna go there again, but our life, our relationship, everything is so wrapped up that when we get onstage we are those people. We are, we are all still in that love affair. We never leave it when we're onstage.