Stevie - Revolution (November 1989)

They might, of course, if she released albums more frequently. Her last solo album was over three years ago. "Well, there was Tango In The Night, the last Fleetwood Mac album, and when you work with Lindsey he pretty much demands that you're there," Stevie says. "And I was also touring. We'd tour for six weeks and come home for a week then I'd bang into the studio to try to be there as much as I could. But Lindsey was not very understanding about that. He felt that I shouldn't have a solo career. It was like, 'Oh, thank you so very much for giving us another week of your precious time!' So it was never a very pleasant experience." All history, of course, now that Buckingham's left Fleetwood Mac. He's been replaced by two guitarists, Billy Burnette and Rick Vito, described by Stevie as "sweet, sophisticated, very very open and willing--they don't have ego problems."