Stevie - Off The Record (09.24.2000)

This is a compilation of previously aired interviews.

Stevie: I was a little shaky there for awhile, about four months before we joined Fleetwood Mac, because I had made a deal with my father that if in three months, it was like October, if by January something hadn't happened for Lindsey and I, that I would go back to school. And we made an agreement. And on New Years' eve, that's when Fleetwood Mac called. So I just barely made it by about a week. (I would never promise my father.) He said 'I think it's about time we put a timer on this. You're 27 years old, you're always unhappy, I know you work yourself to death, you have no money and you have an incredible education. I think we've got to do this.' And this is right after my dad had heart surgery- open heart surgery. And so, of course I wasn't going to turn him down on anything! And he said this to me and I said 'OK. If that's what you want, then that's what I'll do.'

Stevie: I love nothing better than to be in the company of a great guitar player. It's the only time when I'm calm. And I think it's because of living all those years with Lindsey. And all he ever did was play guitar. You know, just lay on the floor and play guitar; acoustic guitar, electric guitar, not plugged in, sound off on the television. And I had to learn to cool out and be calm when that was going on, or get out. So in the studio or here or anywhere, the only time really, when I am completely calm is when like, a guitar player is like, working on a part.