Stevie - Off The Record (09.06.1998)

Stevie: Lindsey was…. going back and forth…. with ‘should we or should we not…. Break up Buckingham Nicks?’ But we both thought at that point, after starving for the last five years…. that it would- it was a better idea…. To… go into Fleetwood Mac and see what that led us into…. Or, you know, possibly starve the next ten years, and then my parents and everybody else was on me like, ‘you should go back to school, and you should-‘ you know, and I didn’t want to do that, so…. Umm… we decided that…. The best thing for the both of us was Fleetwood Mac.

JB: If you can believe it, at first, Fleetwood Mac wasn’t interested in Stevie Nicks. I mean, they already had a female vocalist. But they knew that if they wanted Lindsey, it was a package deal, and Stevie would come along too. So when Buckingham and Nicks were asked to join an already established band, Stevie quit her day job and never looked back?

Stevie: No, I gave two weeks notice… because I’m very practical, and I thought if this doesn’t work out…. I like this job, I don’t- I like doing lunches four days a week for three hours and making great tips, and making enough money to support Lindsey and I so that he could, lay on the floor and play guitar all day, and I could go out and do this for four hours a day, four times a week, and then I had the other three days a week to spend with him, and to spend working on our music.

Stevie: Rhiannon is such a special story…. Umm… I wrote Rhiannon…. three months before we joined Fleetwood Mac…. and uh, I didn’t know anything about Rhiannon when I wrote the song Rhiannon. I had just- I was just reading a…. paperback book, and, the name Rhiannon came up and I loved it, and I- I have this on tape, on a cassette that’s in my vault- in my mother’s vault, at home in Phoenix…. that uh…. that I had the tape recorder on when Richard and Lindsey came in and I said we have to go…. to a park and record the sound of birds rising. Of course Richard and Lindsey looked at me like, ‘she’s really gone around the twist this time, huh?’ And I said, ‘don’t you think that Rhiannon is a beautiful name?’, and Lindsey said, ‘yeah, it is a beautiful name.’ And uh…. three months later, we joined the band…. and, I played it on the piano in my little simple way of playing…. and they…. they loved it.

Stevie: To break up with somebody and see them the next morning in the, hotel breakfast room…. possibly with another person…. uh…. was about as difficult a situation as you could impossibly imagine. And for me to walk into a…. to the breakfast room and see Lindsey sitting with a girl…. I mean it was a- an instant U-turn in the first place…. and uh, I mean it was- it was enough to make me absolutely ill.

"Go Your Own Way" continues to play….

Stevie: I have enough respect for the seven years that we went together and lived together…. and, for all that he taught me, and all that he did for my music…. and…. the incredible- the incredible experience of being with him for seven years, I would never ever ever do something like that to hurt him. So it’s still difficult…. after all this time…. It’s almost exactly the same as it was when we did Rumours. You know what Lindsey is like, as- as difficult as our life has been, together and apart….. he and I- he- he’s like, you know when something go- something happens to you that’s bad…. and your mother calls you or your dad calls you, and you pick up the phone and you hear their voice and you just burst into tears…. Lindsey…. is that, to me, because I’ve known him for so long.

JB: Besides Sara, there’s another song that’s very special to Stevie Nicks. It’s called Silver Springs, and it was supposed to appear on the Rumours album, but without her knowledge, at the last minute it was pulled and relegated to a B-side, only to emerge twenty years later as the song that launched the band’s reunion.

Stevie: Well, their reasons are, it was too long, and so, without asking me… or telling me… they recorded I Don’t Want to Know…. and put Silver Springs on the back of Go Your Own Way…. which was probably one of the most devastating things anybody has ever done to me in my life…. and I remember vividly running out into the middle of the record plant studio parking lot, and screaming…. because I knew that Silver Springs deserved to be on that record, and that I Don’t Want to Know was really just a really fun…. guitar song…. and Silver Springs was…. Silver Springs was all about me and Lindsey, you know, and all- I mean…. I mean, he didn’t write beautiful love songs about me, but I did write some beautiful love songs about him.