Stevie - MSN Music (05.25.2001)

I did start writing and then the Fleetwood Mac thing started happening, and unfortunately your measly little solo career means nothing when Fleetwood Mac starts to come back into the picture. It's amazing, it's like everything stops! [laughs] Just the rumor that Lindsey [Buckingham] might do it was enough to make everybody stop working on everything else. So that was a six month period of time where we were having meetings and talking about the possibility of doing that, and it was like all of a sudden the solo record was really on hold.

Was that kind of frustrating?

No, because I never ever thought that Fleetwood Mac would ever get back together, so I was delighted. I always wanted my band to be together, I never wanted Fleetwood Mac to not be together. So I did that and went on the four month tour and while I was on that tour I wrote six poems that turned out to be six songs on this record. If I hadn't done that this record wouldn't be the record that I wanted it to be. You kind of have to have something to write about, so going on a tour was great because you can write about a million things. You're surrounded by intense people everyday, morning 'til night, and everybody else's problems, the worlds' problems. You're traveling and it's exciting and very romantic and this is a great place to write, you're very inspired. So, that was like a gift for many reasons; I got my 6 songs out of it. 

Are there any plans in the future for Fleetwood Mac to do any more performing?

You know what, it's totally not up in the air. I just had a big meeting with Mick and Lindsey a couple of weeks ago and I gave Lindsey seventeen demos that I had pulled out of the song vaults and he was very inspired. We're going to do it, but we're going to make a record. I mean, we could just go tour and make a zillion dollars but we're not going to do that, we're going to make a real record. What I think is pretty great about the idea of having to move ahead without Christine -- because she really is not going to do it; it's ok, she doesn't want to, that's alright, it's her world, and it's her choice -- but without her, you take her out of the mix, then you're taking the synthesizer/organ out. You're also taking the trio of singers away, so the trio singers are going back to...what? To Lindsey and Stevie, to Buckingham/Nicks basically. The band itself goes back to being much more guitar orientated. It could go back to Blues; it could go back to serious ZZ Top Rock & Roll or whatever. It gives us, I think, a very interesting artistic thing to do with Fleetwood Mac now. I'm very excited about it, I will run "Trouble in Shangri-La" to where it ends, and when it ends I will probably go straight into the studio with Fleetwood Mac.