Stevie - Miami Herald (05.01.2001)

Even ex-lover and Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham appears for the first time on one of her solo albums, playing guitar on I Miss You.

And no, that particular song is not about him Nicks says, stifling the likely assumption. After Nicks' summer tour ends she and Buckingham will reteam with the other members of Fleetwood Mac (minus a retired Christine McVie) to record a new group CD.

"If you take Christine's synthesizers and organ out of the mix then the whole thing will go back toward the guitar so that's an exciting premise for all of us because we love to rock,'' Nicks says enthusiastically.

During the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour in 1997 Nicks and Buckingham became friends again, putting aside the bitter differences that inspired impassioned songs like his Go Your Own Way and her Dreams, Silver Springs and the new Planets of the Universe, a number Nicks wrote when she was breaking up with Buckingham in 1976. She withheld it until finding a place for it on Shangri-La.

"It's one of the heaviest songs I've ever written and I wrote it in anger in all my drama -- as dramatic as I was and probably still am. I went back and wrote the first part of the song a couple months ago because I wanted to soften it a little bit.''

Shangri-La also includes two songs initially conceived prior to Nicks' joining Fleetwood Mac -- Candlebright, planned for the 1973 Buckingham Nicks duo LP and Sorcerer, nixed in favor of Rhiannon for 1975's Fleetwood Mac LP.