Stevie - John Tesh (06.26.2001)

JT: And everybody wants to know, is there another album in the works?

Stevie: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

JT: Really? Now is Lindsey going to be involved?

Stevie: Absolutely.

JT: How are those plans being made?

Stevie: Well they’ve been made. We have already, we’ve had several meetings and I gave Lindsey a bunch of my old demos that he actually never heard. And I think he’s heard everything I ever wrote, but he actually hasn’t, since we really haven’t lived together since, like, 1976, you know! So I went through and I pulled about 17 songs, and I gave them to him and he likes them. So that’s a key thing. When we have songs that we all like, that’s an immediate thing that we can start working. So, you know, as far as I know, he’s working as we speak.