Stevie - In News Weekly (05.02.2001)

What is the song 'Sorcerer', which was originally written in 1974, about? The title will surely make certain Stevie fans go 'oh, oh, witchery, witchery!"

Stevie: " Right. Well, 'Sorcerer' was written right after Lindsey and I had taken the Buckingham Nicks ( album ) cover in Hollywood. We had been living there for three years and it was really about how kind of scary Hollywood was, because we had just moved from San Francisco. We were fairly prim and had lived at home - Lindsey never lived out of the house, he moved from Mom and Dad's house to Los Angeles with me! So we were these like really fresh kids from San Francisco and Hollywood was heavy. We went to go do that photograph and there were models everywhere and I was walking around proclaiming to everyone I was a songwriter and not a model! ( laughs ) Because I knew, I just knew that I better make sure I push the songwriting and not the sex symbol thing because that will fade and the songwriting will stay, hopefully.That's as much as I can tell you what it's about."