Stevie - Free Press Music Writer (08.19.1994)

“I wanted out of Fleetwood Mac for a long time,” says Nicks, who quit after the group performed at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration celebration in 1993. “But I am a chump, the one who — when it came down to ‘If you leave, you’ll ruin the band, ruin our lives’ — just couldn’t leave.”

Not that her 18 years in Fleetwood Mac was a bad run. More so than Lindsey Buckingham, her then-boyfriend with whom Nicks joined the band in 1974, Fleetwood Mac made her a star, a bona fide rock sex symbol.

She still has fond feelings for the Mac. “They were my family for all those years,” she says. But she adds, “We all sacrificed an awful lot to be that band everyone remembers as a good rock ‘n’ roll band. Hopefully, the world got a lot out of it, because everybody got hurt by it. My parents would call, or someone else in my family, or anyone else who needed me, and I wasn’t available; Fleetwood Mac came first, no questions asked.”