Stevie - El Mercurio (February 1999)

Translated from Spanish to English. 

"It was amazing, we did 45 concerts, we made a lot of money and I think we left a lot of people happy. We didn't have a fight, and it passed over us like a twister." But Stevie confessed 6 months before this that she thought Fleetwood Mac would never be back again. The re-join supposes the emotional Impasse of working with her old boyfriend, Lindsey Buckingham, but she passed through that too.

"He and I are almost best friends and we have been for a long time. We had very sweet conversations and some sweet moments that were very cute. The chemistry must have been very evident because in a conversation with a radio DJ in Boston, he commented that it looks like a great energy stills exists between Stevie and Lindsey. Stevie said that the relationship between them would always be intense, even more so when singing those old songs together on stage.

She said that she enjoyed the tour a lot, that they didn't get tired of each other and that the exaltation of the public was the same that they felt. "The best moment that I remember is the first night, when we were walking to LA, thinking that we hadn't sung together since 1983."