Stevie - Eagle 93.7 Boston (05.21.1998)

DJ: Now what's up with you and Lindsey. It seems like there's a lot of energy between you guys still.

Stevie: Umm, I think you know, yes there is. There will always be that energy between me and Lindsey. I don't think that, it isn't possible for Lindsey and me to just to kind of blah together anymore. You know it's like now our relationship will always be intense and when you get on stage and you sing those songs and you go through that kind of thing together. For us there's no other way to be and I think that it 's great because if that intenseness wasn't there the show wouldn't be near as good and it wouldn't be near as much fun for us. You know if we felt blasé about each other it wouldn't be very much fun.