Stevie - CHUM Radio (05.06.2001)

Marilyn Dennis: Ok Stevie Nicks, what is your favorite Stevie Nicks song?

Stevie Nicks: Probably my favorite Stevie Nicks song, if I, I mean it’s really, that’s a hard question. But I would probably say that “Dreams” is probably my favorite song. Cuz it’s the one that I, that I , always enjoy doing it on stage, no matter what you know. It’s the song that never gets kicked outta the set.

MD: Mm hmm and when you wrote that song, what was going on at that time?

Stevie Nicks: That was, uh, I wrote “Dreams,” Lindsey wrote “Go Your Own Way.” That was our two different reactions to the same thing that had happened.

MD: You broke up?

Stevie Nicks: Yeah and so his was nasty and bitter, you know, “Packing up, shacking up’s all you wanna do.” Which was totally not true. And you know, and I was like “When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know.” It was like, you know, so that was the difference in Lindsey and my songs. I was like, you know, I was trying to be the, have the Indian philosophy about it, and you know, he was like down right angry. So, but those were the, those were the parallel songs.

MD: Why did you guys break up?

Stevie Nicks: We broke up, because being in that band, was just too difficult to be in a relationship. I mean, I think it’s why Lindsey and I, and Chris and John broke up; the band got so big, so fast, that we were all just like blown away, you know. And it was almost like, this this, we can’t do this, we can’t, this is destroying our business. The business of Fleetwood Mac is being destroyed by these relationships. And we were none of us, willing to give up the band. It was like, “You quit, I’m not quitting.”

MD: Wow, that’s heavy stuff. So, so April 1977. Right?

Stevie Nicks: April 1977, “Rumours.”

MD: “Rumours” comes out right?

Stevie Nicks: Right.

MD: This is when all, but but, prior to that all these arguments were happening.

Stevie Nicks: Right, right.

MD: Come out, two months later, it’s the biggest album. It’s 25 million copies. All the world knows this album. And from that album, come the song “Dreams.”

MD: Tell us about from the new album "Trouble in Shangri-La," the song “Fall from Grace.” What’s that all about?

Stevie Nicks: “Fall from Grace,” I wrote on the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour. Because that’s a great place to write, when you’re on tour and everything’s going really well, it’s very exciting; it’s like a big date. You know, it’s like very romantic, very, and you know you’re traveling. And of course, when you’re in Fleetwood Mac it’s a very big deal, so you get the best of everything in Fleetwood Mac. When we go to my solo career, it’s a little cut down, it’s a little cut down.

MD: It’s the discount version?

Stevie Nicks: It’s a little discounted, you know. But the Fleetwood Mac thing is very big, so it’s a very fun place to write. And “Fall from Grace,” was really about um when, Lindsey and Mick and I go up on stage, and how, just how intense it is, you know. And how we do kinda feel like, you know, Queen Elisabeth, Prince Phillip, and Queen Edward, King Edward; oh man, he’s gonna kill me for Queen Edward. Um, it’s such a powerful thing, and when you get up there it’s just so magical and so strong. And so, somehow the poem for “Fall from Grace,” just came outta that.

MD: Two doesn’t hurt anybody, ha. She’s dancing now. We have to wrap up this interview, but I wanted to quickly talk to you, Stevie Nicks about the status of Fleetwood Mac. So, get us up to date if you will.

Stevie Nicks: The status of the Mac, is that the Mac is coming back. I will follow my "Trouble in Shangri-La" album probably till the end of the year, that’s a good long six, seven months. And then I will probably go in to the studio with them.

MD: You’ve given them seventeen songs already.

Stevie Nicks: Oh yeah, I’ve given them seventeen demos. Lindsey’s happy, he’s very happy with all of them. He’ll, he’ll, he’ll take them and he’ll like mush them all around, and he’ll pick out the great ones. And I leave that to him, because in Fleetwood Mac, that’s what you do, you have to be a part of a team. So, and we will do a record, and we will do a tour again and we’re very excited about it.