Stevie - Billboard (04.18.1998)

"Back then, 'Long Distance Winner' was very much about dealing with Lindsey," says Nicks, referring to Lindsey Buckingham, her artistic and emotional partner in the interval before their act merged with a subsequently revitalized Fleetwood Mac. "How else can I say it?" she wonders aloud, quoting a passage of the "Enchanted" track resurrected from the long out of print "Buckingham-Nicks" album: "I bring the water down to you/But you're too hot to touch."

"What the song is really all about," Nicks confides, "is a difficult artist, saying 'I adore you, but you're difficult. And I'll stay here with you, but you are still difficult" And the line 'Sunflowers and your face fascinates me' means that your beauty fascinates me, but I still have trouble dealing with you - and I still stay. So it's really just the age old story, you know?" Meaning the inability to live with someone and the inability to live without them.

According to Nicks, who starts a 40-date US solo concert trek May 27 in Hartford, Conn., Buckingham's stubborn but admirable streak lay in his unwillingness to compromise his composing to play in clubs, playing four sets a night in a steakhouse, whereas I was much more able to be practical." That was then, and this is now, an era in which Nicks and the tempestuous Fleetwood Mac were able to set aside their collective differences, focus on teamwork, and reunite for the hugely fruitful "The Dance" live record and tour.

Stevie is quick to assert that the Mac now "plays way better than we did in the beginning" and readily agrees that the material selected for 'The Dance' boasts even better arrangements than the vintage renditions. Yet she admits her own personal and artistic intransigence of old: 'Gold and Braid', another song on 'Enchanted' is an unreleased track from my (1981) Bella Donna' (solo debut) sessions, and it's about Lindsey wanting more from me in our relationship. But wanting to know everything about someone, which goes hand in hand with being in love, was never something I've ever wanted to share with anybody. Professionally, everybody always wanted me to be their idea of what I should be. I'd flat-out look at people and say, "you know I'm not gonna do what you want, so why do you bother?"