Stevie - Behind The Music (11.01.1998)

Keith Olsen: There was a timber that happened when the two voices would join. That was unique and it was, you never heard that before. I don't think you've heard it since. Those two voices sing like that and sound like that for a reason. They were meant to sing together.

Stevie: We were on a mission. So it was our whole reason for getting up and going to bed every night, was, you know, becoming successful in the music business and getting our songs out.

"Long Distance Winner" plays...

Narrator: Once in L.A., Stevie had something new to sing about. Her musical union with Lindsey evolved into a romance. Stevie revealed her passion in her lyrics and trusted Lindsey to arrange the music.

Lindsey: Whatever her music was, I mean, I was always this soul mate who knew exactly what to do with it.

Narrator: While Lindsey stayed home arranging and recording, Stevie supported them both waiting tables and cleaning producer Keith Olsen's house.

Keith: When Stevie would come to my door and say, "Okay, I'm gonna clean it." She Olsen looked just like Carol Bernett. It was absolutely hilarious. (laughs)

Narrator: After struggling for a year, Stevie and Lindsey got their first big break. In 1972 Olsen landed Buckingham-Nicks a deal with Polydor Records.

"Crystal" plays...

Narrator: But just as Stevie and Lindsey's career seemed to be taking off their bubble burst. Record sales were disappointing, just months after the album's release, Stevie and Lindsey were dropped by the label.

Stevie: Lindsey and I think that the world has ended because we have had a taste of the finer things. We have recorded in a big studio, we have been introduced to fabulous musicians, we have met a lot of people. We are very proud of our record, and it just gets dropped. And we are back to square one.

Narrator: Stevie's dreams had crumbled. Distraught, she vented her pain through the lyrics of a song that would eventually become a classic.

"Landslide" plays...

Stevie: My dad said, "You know, I think that this is time to put a limit on this. You're not very happy. You and Lindsey aren't happy. Um, I think you should put a six-month limit on this. And then I think you should go back to school. And you can still sing and stuff but, but, I think you need to do this. " And I said, "Okay."

Narrator: Two months later Stevie received a phone call that would forever change her life. It was Mick: Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. After hearing a Buckingham-Nicks demo, Mick: invited Stevie and Lindsey to join his English Blues band.

Stevie: We ooh'd and ahh'd and laughed and cried and said, "We'll call you back." And I went out and bought all the Fleetwood Mac records, and I listened to them back to front and I went to Lindsey and I said, "I think it's worth it. I do. I think we can bring something to this band. I don't think we're gonna lose ourselves. I think it's okay."

Narrator: Stevie and Lindsey accepted the offer. Within six months the band had recorded the album "Fleetwood Mac" and embarked on a 35 city tour. Stevie Nicks was 27 years old.

Stevie: The first record that we did, it was really easy. It was probably the easiest of all because of the newness and the whole fun of the whole thing and how excited everybody was and, um, so it was easy. That record was done in three months.

Narrator: Then in early 1976 Fleetwood Mac headed to Sausalito, California to record the Rumours album. While those sessions produced a historic recording, they also marked the end of Stevie's relationship with Lindsey.

Stevie: We couldn't be together and also work together. I couldn't have him, you know, telling me that, you know, this song that I wrote wasn't that good and, and knowing he was saying that because he was angry about me because of our relationship. It just didn't leave us anywhere to go, anywhere to grow or get better.

Lindsey: It's very difficult to be in the process of breaking up with someone and to have to see them everyday. It's just not natural, it's not healthy.

Narrator: Stevie and Lindsey struggled to keep their troubled relationship from affecting the band. Expressing their heartache only in their songs.

"Dreams" plays...

Lindsey: During the making of Rumours, Stevie and I would have to work together. I mean I was the one who was sorting out her songs and making them into records. And there were times when I had the urge, not to want to do that, not to want to help her.

Stevie: Lindsey didn't want this breakup. He didn't want to not be with me. He and, he and I were really, you know, we'd been together for a long time, many, many, many years. We definitely felt married.

Lindsey: It , it, it made for some, some hurtful times. It made for some, some times that were, that were, uh, definitely rife with, with anger. And um, and you had to push through anyway.

Narrator: As Mick and Stevie's relationship became more serious, it became harder to hide. Fearing Lindsey would be hurt and leave the band if he learned of their relationship from someone else, Mick decided to come clean.

Lindsey: I remember very clearly, uh, Mick called me up and said, " I have, I have something I just want to talk to you about." And he came over and we sat down at my kitchen table and he said, "Well, I, you know, I've been seeing Stevie." It was just one more thing. You know, I mean by that time we, our armor was, was pretty thick and I don't think anything that would have happened could have, would have surprised anybody.

Mick: I'm really glad that I did that and he didn't find out through some road manager or something. It was not a flippant situation. I wanted it to be known that this was what was happening.

Narrator: Though Lindsey seemed to understand, Stevie and Mick realized that Fleetwood Mac was already a fragile web of egos and emotions that couldn't handle another complication. So they ended their romance only a few months after it started.

Stevie: We just knew it couldn't work. That would have broken up Fleetwood Mac, absolutely would have. So we dropped it.

Narrator: Grammy nominations followed for Stevie's song Silver Springs. Their passion for music finally brought Stevie and Lindsey back together and with a renewed vibrancy Fleetwood Mac recaptured the excitement of the past. Stevie proved she was the same bewitching siren who stole the hearts of her fans more than 20 years before.

Lindsey: This was the girl that I used to live with, and it was no longer bittersweet, which it had been for so long. It was just sweet.

Stevie: Lindsey and I, you know, we have something very special. We decided to do this a long, long time ago. And we fought for it, you know, we had a pot of gold that we were searching for together and we never gave up until we got it. So now that's a pretty great thing. Now the two of us can link arms and walk out on stage and say to everyone without saying it, "We worked very hard for this."