Stevie - Access Hollywood (05.25.1998)

A.H: Having been back with Fleetwood Mac, did it heal all the old wounds?

Stevie: It healed a lot of wounds. There are some things, you know, that will never go away or never change. There's all the history that we have.

[Clip from Go Your Own Way from the Dance concert]

The Mac reunion was especially meaningful for Stevie and her ex-boyfriend, Lindsey Buckingham. They joined the band together in 1975. Their 1977 breakup inspired some of Mac's most memorable songs.

[Another clip from Go Your Own Way]

[Clip from Dance concert of Stevie and Lindsey singing Silver Springs]

Last year they seemed to reconnect in an MTV concert.

A.H: You and Lindsey had this locked intensity when you looked at each other...the intensity of lovers. Was that just reading into something or was there something really there?

Stevie: Well, (pause) that's all about what was really there. Yeah, you know, I mean we're not there now, so.. but we are able to talk about it.

A.H.: The big question: Will Fleetwood Mac tour again, perform again, write new songs?

Stevie: Everybody's tired now. They need a break, so, I think that things will end up working out. In a couple of years, we'll get back together.