Review - Newsweek Online (08.18.1997)

A little smooshy love doesn't hurt, either. Breezing through the rehearsal, the band hits an unexpected high point: "Landslide" from 1975. As Buckingham finger-picks a folk melody, and as the rest of the band members drift out of the way, Nicks begins to sing in a voice that's rougher and more ragged than the petite quaver of yore, but still wrenchingly vulnerable. She sings lyrics that should sound like girl-journal poetry: "If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills/Well, the landslide will bring it down." Yet her voice has such character and conviction, the words feel almost epic. She's a revelation. As she sings she turns and face Buckingham, and they lock gazes. Decades break down, and good music is timeless.