Lindsey & Stevie - WZLX Radio Boston (08.15.1997)

DJ: Um, now you're either Oscar caliber actors or you actually have put aside all of this bitterness after the break-up, and the books and the rumours and people talking and back biting and all of that stuff - to get this back together again. So what's the deal with that?

L: Time... I think. You know, I mean I've, it's been ten years since I departed and um, I think a lot of things resolved for me. I think everyone else in the group has taken their own journey during those ten years and we've all grown up a little bit. And -um- so we're coming back together with the chemistry and with the intuitive way of responding and none of the baggage.

DJ: So why is this CD called The Dance. What's The Dance?

S: Go ahead Lindsey, it's Matisse.

L: Ya, we um, were attracted to a painting by Matisse called The Dance that's just five people holding hands dancing in a circle. Uh, it's a very well known painting and ah, there was a history to it that was very much analogous to our situation. And it just had, the feeling of the painting very much reflected how we were feeling when we first got into rehearsal. And so o we tried to paraphrase - if you will - that painting in a photograph where we were sort of loosely in a circle of our own...atop the rubble of (laughs) 20 years of history, I'd say.

DJ: I noticed some of the poses in there were pretty familiar on the ah... a lot of people haven't seen the cover of The Dance because it's not out in the stores till Tuesday.

L: Right.

DJ: But some of the poses on the front really are reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and the Rumours album and...

L: Um hmm. That was definitely homage to Rumours I would say.

DJ: Wow. So Lindsey I got to know where this phrase came from - this is an amazing new song that's here - and I know that you talked about how you got - you wanted to get Mick to work on this song with you - Bleed To Love Her.

L: (laughs) Ya. Well at the time - that song actually sort of evolved over about a two year period and when I wrote the chorus in which that appears - Bleed To Love Her - uh, I had just entered into a relationship with someone and I really felt that I, you know, would be willing to bleed in order to make that work. And then of course maybe two years later, uh, things had kind of, um, drifted a little bit and the verses in there are talking about how elusive someone can be, ah, which I guess is the other side of the coin.

DJ: Ya, it's great. What about the other two new songs that are on there? Are those - were those things that were brought into this reunion or things that when you guys when got together again came up with?

L: Well I had been working on a solo record with Mick anyway and both of the songs there were cut in some form for that - and Stevie's song and Christine's um, were - what? - demo'd up?

S: Um hmm.

L: Ya...and those were just the songs of choice.

S: Right. I only came in with one song. I really wanted to do Sweet Girl so that was like the only one I even brought down to rehearsal when we started.

DJ: Boy you must have a bunch of them tucked away in that manilla folder too Stevie.

S: I do. And that's why I was glad - I wrote this song just a week before we started on April 1st so I was really glad that this song really was written for this album and this group of people and it wasn't something that I went back and pulled out of something else, you know, this really was hand-crafted for Fleetwood Mac.