Lindsey & Stevie - Orange County Register (08.12.1997)

So maybe the Chain was just a mystical marker for a specific point in time. Why, then, break the silence, reuniting to celebrate it?

It depends on whom you ask.

"I never didn’t want to do this again," says Nicks, 49. "The idea’s been broached every year since Lindsey left, but I was sort of waiting for him to decide it was time to do it again. Lindsey sort of holds the cards when it comes to this kind of thing. It’s frustrating, but he likes to keep focused on one thing at a time."

So why did Buckingham finally relent?

"Why indeed?" he says with a laugh in a separate telephone interview from his Los Angeles hotel room. "There’s a point of view that is probably debatable that basically says the visibility from doing this...of having taken off 10 years and now being reinserted back into the group, that that visibility would be helpful in terms of rolling over into a solo album coming out."

Please say it’s not that crass.

"Actually, It’s not," Nicks counters. "I think the band is very aware of Lindsey’s intentions and why he’s doing this. He would like us to all think that it’s just for the benefit of a solo album, but that’s not really the case. I’ve seen him with that sparkle in his eyes, where he’s exploding with delight. It happened when someone yelled ‘welcome back’ during the taping. It goes beyond just promotion with him, whether he admits it or not."

And now, Nicks says, life seems eerily back to normal.

"Look at the new songs. Lindsey: ‘My Little Demon.’ Stevie: ‘Sweet Girl.’ That same odd dichotomy between optimism and pessimism. We don’t work at that. It just happens, you know? Some things never change."