Lindsey - Circus Magazine (April 1977)

Well, in what’s become the “auteur” theory on Mick Fleetwood, it was getting time for a new voice-guitar module. Let Lindsey Buckingham tell it in that pithy, laconic way an interview in Guitar Player magazine always inspires: “About two weeks before we ended up cutting Fleetwood Mac, Mick was looking for a studio to use. Someone haphazardly turned him on to this place in the San Fernando Valley called Sound City. So he talked to (engineer) Keith Olsen out there, and Keith put on “Frozen Love” from the Buckingham/Nicks album to show him what the studio was like and what his work sounded like. He wasn’t trying to showcase us, because Bob Welch was already in the band at that time. A week later, Bob decided to leave the group, and Mick just acted intuitively and called up Keith to get in touch with us. We rehearsed for about two weeks and then just cut the LP.”