Fleetwood Mac - Rock Family Trees (06.24.1995)

Stevie Nicks: When people break up it's not a pretty picture. It's especially not a pretty picture if you even think that that person might be going to see somebody else or they didn't come down for dinner tonight. ‘Well, where are they?’ Y’know or, ‘She didn't answer her phone, where is she?’ It was unacceptable.

Narrative: Stevie's first LP "Bella Donna" sold over five million copies, but it proved to be a bone of contention between her and Lindsey Buckingham.

Stevie Nicks: I took Lindsey in a copy of the record right when it was fresh off the press and I signed it and said a lot of really wonderful things.to him. And I set it up on the console and he moved it and put it down on the floor, just kinda leaning against one of the steps in the studio room. And I watched him all day long. I watched him from like three in the afternoon until three or four the next morning, and he walked right out of that room without the record. And I never forgave him for that.

Mick Fleetwood: The album [Tango] came out and the rest of us go, ‘We gotta go out on the road. We've just made a good album. Are we going to not push it?’ And [Lindsey] agreed to do it against his better judgement and that all went wrong. We'd set the whole tour up and suddenly, boom. ‘I can't do this. I can't face it.’ (Mick shakes his head).

Stevie Nicks: Because of that guilt I've always had about not leaving Fleetwood Mac, I flew out of the couch and across the room to seriously attack him. And I did. I mean, I’m not real scary but I can be fairly ferocious And I grabbed him, y’know, which almost got me killed.

John McVie: It got ugly. Physically ugly. (John mimes strangling someone).

Stevie Nicks: He ended up chasing me all the way out of Christine's maze-like house and down the street and back up the street. And he threw me against the car and I screamed horrible obscenities at him, and I thought he was going to kill me. And I think he probably thought he was going to kill me too. And I said to him, ‘If the rest of the people in the band don't get you, my family will. My dad and my brother will kill you.’