Fleetwood Mac - Philadelphia Inquirer (09.21.1997)

In fact, the performance did lead to a change in the band, though not the one Fleetwood Mac's fans may have hoped for. Soon afterward, Nicks quit the group.

"At the inauguration, I just realized I wanted it to be back the way it was, or I didn't want to be in it anymore,'' says Nicks. "I couldn't continue to be in a Fleetwood Mac that didn't have Lindsey in it.''

Buckingham adds: "She's such a different person than she was in 1987. It's sort of like being around the person I used to live with. There's something very touching about it. She's singing great. And I think we're all playing better now than we've ever played, because we are a lot more focused and maybe a little more relaxed. Or a lot more.''