Fleetwood Mac - Billboard (08.16.1997)

After Buckingham agreed to the reunion, the band began rehearsing immediately on April 1 for the MTV taping. "We thought MTV was Fleetwood Mac adverse, but they weren't,'' says Buckingham. "We rehearsed for six or seven weeks, which wasn't quite enough. I think there was a general view that this thing may disintegrate in a week, and I was gonna do my best to make sure it wasn't me that made that happen.

"But, you know, Stevie is in a really good place, and there was something good about it. You just have to keep watching yourself to make sure that you don't get petty. I went in and I tried to make nice, and it wasn't hard. It's sweet, it's nostalgic; you could cry over it if you let yourself.''

Nicks says there were actually quite a few tears shed during the last of the three shows the band played for the special. "In my heart, I knew that final show was the one that we would use, and I paced myself emotionally. Something clicked as we started to play that night. The magic was there again, only we weren't mad at each other anymore. I looked into Lindsey's eyes during so many of the songs, and the tears came. It was uncontrollable. And it was a beautiful night for us and everyone in the audience.''

Buckingham confesses it's been "surprisingly pleasurable'' reuniting with his bandmates. "It's been kind of a trip, because we're getting along really well. There's very little of the baggage left that was there when I left in 1987,'' he says.