Stevie - MTV (04.10.2009)

Nicks and Buckingham first met in high school, when Buckingham was singing at a party and Nicks walked up and joined him.

“We were at some get-together and he was there, sitting, playing his guitar — [the Mamas and the Papas’ hit] ’California Dreamin’ ’ — and I walked up and brazenly burst into harmony with him. It was cool, and I said ’I’m Stevie Nicks’ and he said ’I’m Lindsey Buckingham.’ I never saw him again for two years, until he was in a band and he remembered that night and he called and asked me to join their band.”

On Fleetwood Mac’s recent tour, which Buckingham has described as “fun” and “drama-free,” and Nicks’ agreed that the two are in a better spot than in the past.

“I don’t feel like screaming at Lindsey right now. … I’m not in a violent state of mind,” Nicks, 60, said. “I want people to leave feeling the emotion of ’Silver Springs,’ but without seeing Lindsey and I clawing at each other.”

However, she concedes that “fun” might not be the most suitable word for their relationship on or off the stage “When he goes onstage and does his little speech where he says, ’You know, everything is great and we’re just all grown up now and we’re having fun,’ I’m just standing on the other side of the stage and going [rolls her eyes], ’Whatever!’ Right now, we’re trying to be a little more on the high road, but let us go in and do another album, and bang! Back down to the bad, low road go we.”

Still, fans find it hard to let go of the vision of Stevie and Lindsey together. “That electric crazy attraction between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks never dies, never will die, never will go away,” she said. “He’s married, he’s happy, he has three beautiful children that I love. You know, he’s found a good, happy, calm, safe place — but who Lindsey and I are to each other will never change.”

Still, she said, “It’s over. It doesn’t mean the great feeling isn’t there, it must mean that … you know, we’re beauty and the beast. It means that the love is always there but we’ll never be together, so that’s even more romantic.”

Asked when she knew the romance was really over, Nicks said, “The day his first child was born. I knew that was it … that was the definitive thing.”

Whether or not that was really it, the romance of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham clearly lives on for fans, and perhaps in their own hearts as well.