Stevie - Daily Express (06.25.2011)

Wondrous Stevie Nicks, 63, ex-Fleetwood Mac, love child of a fairy queen and a storm trooper, performs tomorrow in London's Hyde Park. She's rock 'n' roll royalty with an album to plug. But if you think that age puts passion into perspective and enables you to "move on" then Stevie will put you right. 

Though former bandmate/lover Lindsey Buckingham is long married with three children, Stevie says: "My relationship with Lindsey is pretty much the pivotal one in my life... Meeting him was my destiny... It doesn't matter whether the other person has married or had children. What matters are the things you experienced together."

There's no flame hotter than an old flame. 

If I were Mrs Buckingham I'd be very afraid.