Stevie - (06.07.2011)

In your early days, you waited tables to support your then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham, didn’t you?

Somebody needed to work, and it certainly wasn’t going to be him. I think he telemarketed for one day. I worked at the Copper Penny. I cleaned Keith Olsen’s house twice a week. (Olsen is a music producer who produced Fleetwood Mac.) I didn’t have a problem making the money to support Lindsey and I and the rest of our friends who were making music at the house every day, because none of them could possibly have a real job.

Lindsey would go, “How come you’re so happy when you come home from your waitress job?” And I would go, “Because I got to be out there with real people, and I made really good money that’s paying for our house, our car and our food.”

Fleetwood Mac was known for a serious rock-star lifestyle. What did you most like spending money on?

I enjoyed not being poor, because we were so poor for five years that we made a pact to never, ever look in a store window. So when we went to work for Fleetwood Mac and started getting $200 a week apiece -- and then, four weeks later, $400 a week apiece -- we were fascinated. We hadn't spent money in so long that we didn't know what to spend it on.