Stevie - 93.5 Radio (05.13.2003)

Classic rockers Fleetwood Mac are known for their passionate exchanges, not only on-stage with their powerful brand of rock, but backstage as well. Their seminal album Rumours can attest to the tensions between band members (and if that's not convincing enough, check out their Behind The Music). This soap-opera texture to the band is particularly apparent in the fiery correspondence between band leaders and ex-lovers Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. And though the band is merely three dates into their 2003 tour, according to Stevie, some things never freakin' change: "Lindsey and I are just an argument waiting to happen, that's just who he and I are. And we have always been this way, we have never agreed on anything. We have always fought about everything we've ever done. And I guess it's just a testament to the fact that love never dies, things never change. You don't feel different thirty years later. You're still angry about the same things you're angry about thirty years ago, and you still love the things that you loved thirty years ago." Hot stuff! Make sure to see the magic for yourselves when Fleetwood Mac hits the Southland at the Staples Center on July 11th and 12th.