Lindsey - Rolling Stone (05.18.2006)

Buckingham’s memory of the session [1977 Rolling Stone photoshoot] centers on something different: After Leibovitz finished, everyone got off the mattress except himself and Nicks. Wearing only their bedclothes, the two of them stayed where they were and just held onto each other.

The wounds of their breakup were still raw. Says Buckingham, “After all that we’d been through, knowing that we loved each other — somehow, we just couldn’t get up.” For five minutes, maybe more, Buckingham and Nicks shared a silent embrace. Leibovitz and the rest of the band milled around until finally Mick Fleetwood returned to the mattress and whispered to the entangled pair: “Guys, you’re freaking everyone out.”

“Raw honesty was part and parcel of the band. We couldn’t hide our level of pain,” says Buckingham.