Stevie - Woman’s Own (1990)

Lindsey left Fleetwood Mac three years ago and Stevie now says, 'He and I were about as compatible as a boa constrictor and a rat. But we've had our final words. We will never be able to work together again. We'll ever even speak again, which is very sad. In any relationship you come down to a point where you say things that you can never take back, and we've said them. It breaks my heart.'

Despite their love for each other, she and Lindsey were in daily conflict too long before being chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to join the band. 'Rich and famous or starving and poor, we went through the same problems,' she sighs. 'He always wanted me to himself, but someone had to go out and earn some money. All he wanted to do was play his music.

'When I came home I'd always get a slight cold shoulder. He wouldn't quite trust me about where I'd been or what I'd been doing. When we broke up, two years after joining Fleetwood Mac, it was like living a nightmare.'

For Lindsey, excelling at his music was a continual struggle. But it came easy for Stevie. And as her vocals and songwriting began to play an ever-increasing part in the band's success, a wedge was driven between them.

'He felt I should have to work much harder at it,' she says, 'I tried asking, 'Lindsey, how can I change?' But everything about me seemed to bug him. My laughter, the way I could deal with a lot of difficult things, all made him cringe. So I changed when I was around him. I became mouse-like and would never dare offer a suggestion.'