Stevie - The Sun (06.17.2011)

“We started working on this album immediately. It was just very easy. We wrote that song in an hour. Now I want him to produce the next Fleetwood Mac album and I think Lindsey would like that.”

But today Stevie and Lindsey are good friends - well, for now anyway. She says: “We’ve had so many ups and downs and rows and will always fight. But Lindsey helped me record Soldier’s Angel, a track on the album. I called him up and said, ‘I need you to help me finish this song.’ It was just the two of us. It sounds like a Buckingham Nicks track because it is. And it’s a song which is sacred to me.”

“That visit was so inspiring. Then I wrote a poem about seeing everything that goes on there but I’ve struggled with turning it into a song for years - until I got Lindsey involved.”

“I’m pretty much on this train until it runs out of gas. Then I’ll re-gather Fleetwood Mac and we’ll discuss another record. Lindsey and I are in a good place now so maybe we can make the record at my house? There’ll be another tour as the Greatest Hits one was a great experience. They saw how far I came with this record and how fast I made it with Dave. Mick played on this record too and Lindsey worked well with Dave as producer.”