Stevie - Phoenix New Times (11.29.2001)

What did former beau and bandmate Lindsey Buckingham think of Trouble in Shangri-la?

"He thinks that it is a very good record. Lindsey does not ever and has never thrown out compliments to me about anything outside of Fleetwood Mac. And on this record he said, 'I think that is the best thing that you have ever done.' That meant a lot."

"I was in Aspen a week ago for three days," she continues. "I wrote 'Landslide' there in, like, 1974. So I was walking around the streets of Aspen going, 'You know what? Aspen has served you well for "Landslide,"' and that song has served me well my whole life. So I thought I'd better write another song, so I wrote about what happened in New York. I just gave it to Lindsey last night -- just the raw cassette and a set of words -- and I'll see when I return in two weeks what he has done with this song."